Amelia G (amelia_g) wrote in gothphotography,
Amelia G

California Deathrock book Kickstarter - BTS video of gothic punk photo shoots

So this is my first Kickstarter. It was hard to make this video happen because working on it was giving me the hugest spasm of shyness. Fortunately, Forrest Black and I still managed to bust it out. So now you can see behind-the-scenes footage of what our nightlife portraiture shoots look like, as part of the Kickstarter for our California Deathrock book project.

I love the idea of doing a creative project where I know how many to print beforehand. The way Kickstarter is set up, people pledge to get a copy of the book, but Amazon only charges them after the funding period is complete (in this case the end of the first week of June) and then only if the project is 100% funded. Our book is 104% funded as of today, which I am super happy and more than a little relieved about.

Special thanks to Death Guild and Release the Bats where some of this video was shot. Much love to Margo, Satoki, Thee Gabe, Domiana, Kat, Thistle (RIP), Talia, Christian, Jenn Bats, Dave Bats, Shane Taleda, Matt Riser, Eva O, and everyone else in the contact sheets and photos and video footage.

Anyway, just push play already please :-)

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