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2013 - Desperate Romantics

2013 - the second week into July, found me and the rest of the team, on the desolate Bodmin Moors for our first photoshoot of this year. I think we are all bloody insane to book a full week of location shooting in the dead of winter.
The weather was appalling and the most difficult location shot I have ever attempted. But as I surrounded by such amazing creative talent... like we were going to let hail, gales, bogs, rain, more rain, light rain, heavy rain, cow poo, pony poo, rain ... get in the way. I've attached a few images from that incredible shoot, but to understand the full story, please go to our new website, which aims to showcase the creative talent of each person responsible for these photographs.

 photo blog3_zps6e6a42a4.jpg

 photo blog2_zpsfc929047.jpg

 photo blog4_zps075099d1.jpg

 photo blog7_zps28bfeb97.jpg

full story can be seen on
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