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Goth Photography
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This community is for anyone who likes or takes Gothic photography, whether it is professional or amateur.


Don't have something nice to say? Keep it to yourself. Offensive comments will be deleted and LJ users causing problems will be banned.

If posting more than 1 image, or a large photograph (ie anything that has a width/height larger than 800 pixels), use the LJ cut. Not sure how to use the LJ cut? You can find out how here. Any posts that do not follow these rules will not be approved by a moderator.

If you post multiple entries, broken images or incorrect links, please edit your mistakes.

Artistic nudity is allowed, pornography is not. If your post contains nudity, please put it behind the LJ cut.

Please keep posts on topic. Quiz results, Ebay auctions and personal entries are not allowed.

Community promotion is allowed as long as the community you are promoting relates to the Gothic subculture and/or photography.

If anyone needs to contact me about the community, email me.



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